[AU] Chiro (evilsmonkey) wrote in permanent_way,
[AU] Chiro

Chiro's Curse, adding another victim[Backdating to December 7th, after the beginning post]

[Chiro wonders the train, searching for a third victim. He can cast the curse again if he needs to, he isn't that weakened from the first casting. He searches through a large selection of cars, aiming to attack the first weak looking being he sees. He will take whatever object they have upon them. He finds his mark, a girl with pink hair. She doesn't seem to be much of a threat. He walks towards her.]

Hey you! Girl with the pink hair!
Tags: chiro (btvs universe), estellise heurassein (kamichama karin)
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[ she turns and looks at whoever just called her name. ]

Yes? Can I help you?
[Chiro smirks as he holds up his hand.]

I'll be taking that ring of yours now. Demon Fu!

[A beam of green and black energy erupts from the boy's hand and flies right now Estelle.]
[ WHAT. D8 NO. She's gonna be trying to get away now. ]

N-No! You can't have it! It's the only thing I have left of my mother!

[ she's protecting her hand, which has the ring on it. ]
[Chiro runs quite fast, blocking off her escape[

Don't worry. I only need it for a bit.

[He throws a punch at Estelle]
[ screams a little bit as the punch connects, sending her back a little bit.

this girl. she can not fight unless she is transformed. THIS IS BAD. if she transforms now, that'll give him a window for taking her ring. is it worth the risk? ]
[Chiro doesn't seem to want to give her the chance. He throws an orb of energy at her. If it connects, it will cause a small explosion, enough to blow her back several feet, but it won't cause any permanent damage.]
[ she wasn't expecting it; before she can react, it connects. and sends her back, slamming her into a wall and causing her to fall unconscious. ]
[Chiro walks over and takes the ring from her with a smile. He sets it down and cuts himself, doing the curse all over again. Once he's done, he feels the effects of it now. He needs to rest. He takes the ring and goes back to his church car to sleep.]
[At some point after that encounter, Yuri finds himself in this very same train car, carrying his gun with him for target practice.

...then he spots Estelle and pretty much forgets any thought of training as he runs over to her, dropping his gun and shaking her a bit.]

Hey, wake up! This isn't any place for you to sleep...!