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25 November 2010 @ 01:13 pm
[Today, the scent of roasted turkey, stuffing, and other such iconic holiday foods is wafting all through out the train, beckoning you to one central car. And the scent certainly does not lie - a huge feast has been set up in this car, on an impossibly long table where the food seems plentiful and looks divine.

Kiyoteru's broken-data form is at the head of the table, and though there's no face to be seen, there's a smile on his digitized voice.]

I hope you all enjoy this holiday feast.
12 November 2010 @ 01:02 pm
[After all the trauma and the power outage and everything else that went wrong recently, the train, or rather "Kiyoteru" seems to be trying to make it up to the passengers in little ways.

Once noticeable one is what appears to be the return of the karaoke car. But this time it looks like there's been other instruments provided if you'd rather play your own song instead of using the karaoke equipment. 

There's a catch, though.

You have to sing. All the equipment, instruments included, won't work unless some one sings along with the music. All you'll get is silence once the lyrics start otherwise.

Naturally you're not going to be trapped there or anything, but if you want to have a crack at it, you're going to have to try singing even if your voice is bad.

Have fun. :) ]
12 November 2010 @ 12:49 am
[Well it looks like some one is finally back. And she's not taking the whole 'I died' thing very well.

If anyone comes looking for her/stumbles across her, they're going to find poor Rina curled up in a corner in the dark infirmary car, crying in to a pillow with her knees curled to her chest.]
09 November 2010 @ 01:29 pm
[Guess what, train! The lights are back on! As Nick has just realized rather painfully by rolling over on the couch in his apartment (the girls were given his bed) and getting light-blasted in the face by a lamp that was on before the outage.]

Owww... damnit...

[After groping for the switch, he manages to turn it off and sit up, looking around his apartment curiously.]

... huh. Guess it's over.
07 November 2010 @ 11:17 am
[Yet another day of darkness and near-silence on the train. This one has been, however, has been interrupted by loud gunfire and the angered yelling of a pissed off Texan carrying several weapons and a flashlight. He's being chased by something (several somethings, actually) and while he can't see them very well as he tears through the dark train, it's not stopping him from shooting wildly at them. They've already done a number on his arm, which is still bleeding considering he can't exactly stop to patch up, and there's a nice bump on his forehead from when one of them slammed him in to a wall earlier.

He's actually hit a few of the creatures already (they look a bit like the weird wolves that attacked Miku months earlier, but they're smaller and there's a lot more of them), leaving a trail of small dead monsters from where he's been, but the ones that are still coming aren't exactly letting up, either.]

I'll take zombies over this bullshit any day!

[Barreling in to the next car, he dodges one leaping for his throat by rolling on the ground and firing at it just as it passes over his head. It yelps and hits the ground with a sickening crunch, but stops moving.

Unfortunately there's still more coming.]


[Well he's certainly had enough of this. Jumping to his feet, he turns his flashlight upward, illuminating an air vent and the grate covering it. With a single shot he knocks the grate off with a very loud clatter, jumping up in to the air vent just as the creatures start nipping at his heels. Turning around and lying on his stomach in the vent, he sneers down at them and rips the "Peace Keeper" shotgun off his back.]

Say goodnight, freaks.

[Three deafening booms rock the car, and when the dust settles from the massive shot gun blasts, there's little more than smears left of the monsters on the ground. Unfortunately the Peace Keeper is not a kind nor a selective gun, and its turned that half of the car in to even more of a mess.

But its over. Nick can't see or hear any more of the damned monsters coming at him. Letting out a sigh, he drops his head down on the cool metal of the grate, arms draping over the edge.]

Thank effin' God... damn monsters...

[Yeah, he's just going to lay like that for a while, completely unaware that he looks like a dead body hanging out of the vent like that. The blood dripping down his injured arm doesn't exactly help.]
06 November 2010 @ 09:30 pm
[It's barely been two days since Arche was killed, and Zuko hasn't gone too far from where he stopped, which just so happened to be another one of the lounge cars. Somewhere he hid her body where he hoped she'd be safe, and after getting enough supplies (actually more than enough - he's ridiculously prepared) he's set himself up in that car to wait it out.

Of course he's upset. Who wouldn't be after finding their girlfriend mauled to death and then narrowly escaping death themselves from a psychopathic smog-being? But he knows he needs to hold it together and can only hope that after the power comes back, Arche will to.

That's what train AI promised after all, wasn't it?

So if anyone is looking for Zuko, or just happens to stumble upon this car they'll be greeted by a mass of candles on the various tables, chairs and counters in various states of lit and melted. Zuko will be in a corner on the floor, attempting to read by candle light, several loaded pistols nearby.

Not that he's actually reading. He's just staring at the same page he has been for the past two hours.]
05 November 2010 @ 07:50 am
[He did love the darkness. The only problem with this particular darkness was there was no power. No power means no pollution with the exception of the city cars. But it also meant unsuspecting victims. He hid deep within the darkness waiting for anyone to cross his path. He would have fun with this blackout.

Come into the darkness, if you dare. *evil laugh*]
05 November 2010 @ 03:56 am
[ had the lights been on, people may have been able to hear some sort of a battle raging at some point on the train.

but some monstrous thing had taken advantage of the blackout, and caught the ordinarily well-prepared fonist by surprise. poor girl never stood a chance in these conditions.

Ya'll had best watch your step.

If you don't, you may just trip over a bloodied corpse. Her broom lay farther away, miraculously unharmed except for perhaps a few splinters. ]

( ooc: yep, she dead. 8| but not erased. she'll be back in a week. also, I was too lazy to write out a battle scene. |D;;; )
04 November 2010 @ 02:29 pm
[Instead of a nice and pristine bar car, you come across one smelling of smoke and damp; bar stools, chairs, and tables all kicked and broken.

The bar itself was left alone with one remaining stool, the bottles and glasses standing and full as if nothing at all had come by and destroyed the rest of the car. The stool is occupied by a brooding redhead who has managed to surround himself with bottles of varying heights of remaining liquid. Yet they're all of one particular type: sake.

Lavi's face is either red from being drunk or from crying, it's rather hard to tell. But all the same it's almost impossible to see his face at the moment with it buried so deeply in his arms.

Might even be asleep...]