Arche Klaine (broomriding) wrote in permanent_way,
Arche Klaine

she so should not be here.

[ Arche is in the kitchen.

She's trying to cook.

... trying. And failing. As usual.

Someone, please stop her before she either [A] kills someone with her monstrosity, or [B] blows up the kitchen? ]
Tags: arche klaine (tales of the abyss)
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What exactly are you doing, Arche? [Have a Ssil leaning in the doorway and torn between looking amused and worried.]

[ what she's cooking looks like it could kill someone. ]
Doesn't cooking generally involve... food?

[That certainly doesn't look like food from over here. And no, Ssil isn't the slightest bit interested in sparing Arche's feelings. She's seen the girl throw fireballs at Zuko during an argument, she figures she can take it.]