Pride (hubrisextremeis) wrote in permanent_way,

And new passenger appears!

[Pride wasn't that happy. Not really. He'd been on his way north, and now he was here.

In a stupidly hightech train that he couldn't get out of. Selim was held in his arms, the bunny shivering a little, betraying Pride's own fear. The human-turned-monster looked down at his soul, and whimpered softly.
] I'll find someone.

And find out what's going on?

Yea. With force if needed.

Pride... [Selim's ears drooped as the pair continued down through the train. She didn't like the sound of that and hoped he didn't do anything to get them kicked off.]
Tags: [open], arche klaine (tales of the abyss), pride/selim (his dark materials)
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