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[Backdate of fail! December 12th]

[Zashi knew something was wrong. It didn't take very long to figure that out, really, because none of it made any sense.

Only she, Zuko and Estelle seemed to be running in to the constant stream of bad lack and unfortunate happenings. All the remaining passengers (few though they were) were doing just fine. No one had fallen in to the pool, gotten stuck in freak snowstorms in the out door cars, trapped inside their own apartment bathroom for no logical reason, pushed in to thorn bushes, attacked by the AI nurses for absolutely no reason, or chased by, of all things, rabid chihuahuas.

Zashi never did like little yappy dogs...

But all that aside,it was just too convenient, since all of it lined up perfectly with the attack on Estelle from another passenger. She and Zuko had gotten the story about three days after their bad luck had started when they were both nearly trapped in a room that was randomly flooding. It took Zashi another two days from there to work her magic and see that there was, indeed, some kind of curse on the three of them.

Now the problem was breaking the curse. And hope that some how she could still keep this secret from Miku.

The next day, she went searching, alone, which she knew was dumb, but she really didn't need THREE people with bad luck trying to face down the person responsible. The extent of the curse seemed to extend to not being able to find anyone that she wanted to right then, and her search was entirely fruitless.

So the next day she stood front and center of one of the lounge cars, and simply resorted to calling out.]

I know what you did! I know you're on this train somewhere! Stop being a coward!

[was that a nervous gulp from the girl? No, of course not...]
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