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Chiro's Curse, the beginning. [Backdated to December 7th, 2010]

[Chiro is not completely thrilled with his items, but he has enough for a test curse. It is time to begin with this plans for this train. This is simply his personal introduction.

The badge he took from Zuko, The broom from the sleeping Witch, and the Journal from Rakka. The journal is set aside, however. She had promised him her loyalty...and her friendship. He would not be the first to betray that. He would leave that inevitability to her.

The badge and the broom sit upon the alter in the front of the Church car, a long knife sitting beside them. He removes his orange gloves and takes the knife. Drawing the blade across his skin, he lets blood spill onto the alter. Placing the knife down, he presses until there is enough blood upon his items.

He places a hand over the wound and it heals quickly, he uses his tongue to remove any access blood from his hand. Placing his hands over the blood he closes his eyes and begins to chant. The blood moves upon it's own accord, drawing an upside down pentagram with symbols appearing outside the circle. The blood glows a bright red, all of the lights and candles in the Church car suddenly extinguished. The red glow of the spell is all the illuminates the room as he curses his two victims. This was the beginning.]
Tags: chiro (btvs universe), zashi warashi (kiki's delivery service), zuko (csi: las vegas)
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